Event Rentals

We are on the cutting edge in modern sanitation equipment…

We offer the most contemporary equipment available to service all your sanitation needs. With warm water sinks that ensure the highest degree of sanitation, to units equipped to accommodate any further physical support your guests may require. We have wheelchair accessible units and are also able to accommodate individuals requiring further support through the addition of grab bars.

Our experience designing events ranging from intimate gatherings to over half a million attendees; from a backyard BBQ with our flush portable toilet, to a Black Tie Gala with our Elegance 400, ensures we’re the most professional and qualified team. We’d be happy to meet with you and design a package that would meet your individual needs. We can advise you on: the number of units required, types of units, placement of units, service requirements and place attendants at your event.

Event Rental Services

Upon request attendant services are available. Attendant(s) will maintain units during your event (wipe fixtures, empty garbage cans, replenish paper supplies, and sundry items) and dress according to your specified dress code. Event rental options include:

Portable toilets that flush just like regular toilets

Sinks with warm running water for washing hands

Heated or air conditioned units as required

Enjoy some quick tips to help make your event great!

(Based on University of Minnesota and the Portable Sanitation Association research)


• A portable toilet generally has a capacity to service 400 uses.
• Most people use the washroom every 2 – 3 hours.
• If you have 2000 people, using the unit 4 times a day, the math says 20 units. However, you may have a line-up problem at peak times (before or after a concert, or after a meal).
• Men take approximately 2 minutes in the washroom, Women take twice as long. So, if you have the units gender labeled, take this into consideration (designate every 2 out of 3 as ladies’).
• Have the sinks placed outside of the units if possible to alleviate line-ups.
• Provide garbage receptacles so that all those water and beer bottles don’t end up in the toilet.

Uses a portable toilet generally has capacity for

Hours between washroom uses for the average person

Designate 2 out of 3 units for females if gender labelled

Place sinks outside units to prevent line-ups

Event Rentals FAQs

How many restrooms do I need?

Generally the rule is one regular single unit for every 50-75 people for a 4-6 hour event where a meal is being served. There are many factors to be considered when deciding the number of toilets required since alcohol consumption, and the ratio of male to female guests changes the equation. Also fairs, festivals, and outdoor events taking place over several days have temporary and transient crowds with perhaps peak attendance at 3000 at any one given time. While the entire festival may see crowds of up to 5000 people, event coordinators may not necessarily require 50 toilets. If you are organizing an event with thousands of attendants, then an in-depth review of quantities is required. We’re the experts. Contact us and we’d be happy to figure it all out for you!

Am I renting the toilets you see on a construction site?

We have a wide range of units for rental, including units equipped with vanity mirrors, lights, running hot water, and space for flowers, and pot pourri. We can also rent units that are similar to the plastic portable toilets you’d see in a park or on a construction site. Our special event toilets do not go out to construction sites; they’re designated for special events only.

Should we have separate facilities for concession and event staff?

Yes, because the less time your staff spends waiting to use the toilet, the more time they have to attend to your guests.

Do I need my own toilet paper and paper towel?

No, the toilet comes equipped with paper supplies.

Do I need a water line for the ‘flush with sink’ unit?

No, the toilet is delivered with the water.

Does the toilet need to sit on level ground?

Yes, the toilet must sit on level ground.

Do regular units or basic 'flush with sink' units come with lights?

We can add a battery operated light at an additional cost.

Can I decorate the toilet or trailer?

Yes, there is space available for the placement of flowers or containers of pot pourri.

What sort of truck delivers the toilet?

We deliver the toilet on either a truck or trailer, and dolly the units into position.

Does someone need to be on-site when the toilet is delivered?

It’s best to have someone on-site indicating the best unit placement, and to receive proper usage instructions.

When will our units be delivered and picked up?

Delivery times are flexible according to your individual requirements. We will always strive to be as accommodating as possible. Contact us to discuss the details of your event.

How far do you deliver?

We service the province of Ontario. Give us a call and we can discuss delivery costs depending on your location.

Can I put them close to the tent or will odour be an issue?

Our units are sealed vessels so odour is not a concern.